Mediterranean Raster Charts Update

Please note that our Mediterranean raster charts will be updated as of today due to the introduction of some modifications by the respective Hydrographic Services.

Wide areas concerned: R32MAP1.2, R33MAP1.2 and R34MAP2.1

R32MAP1.2 becomes WRMEM32MAP2.1:

MaxSea TimeZero Raster West Mediterranean Sea Chart

R33MAP1.2 becomes WRMEM33MAP2.1:      

MaxSea TimeZero Raster Central Mediterranean Sea Chart

R34MAP2.1 becomes WRMEM34MAP3.1:       

MaxSea TimeZero Raster East Mediterranean Sea Chart

Mega Wide area MWR23MAP1.1 becomes MWRMEM23MAP2.1:

MaxSea TimeZero Raster Mediterranean Sea Chart

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