Wouldn’t it be rad if you could overlay your radar on TIMEZERO App?

We are used to having every minuscule piece of information at our fingertips: messages, updates, geo-localization but the radar? That’s right, radar chart overlay on your TIMEZERO App is now possible.

We developed this revolutionary solution in collaboration with Furuno, in order to guarantee a simple tool that navigators can always have at their side. Find out about the compatibility of the Wifi Furuno DRS4W radar with the TIMEZERO App.

Furuno made the very first wifi radar

In 2014, Furuno brought the first cordless radar in the world to the market. This technology was at the time one of the most innovative marine electronics hardware around. The radar is designed to be installed on small sail or powerboats where the electronics space does not allow for a fixed connection.

This piece of equipment is also adapted to be used out of the box, or at least not needing to set up the cords around your boat. To create a complete radar system, simply connect the radar up to 12V batteries, and start using TIMEZERO App as an iPad command center.

This configuration will give you way more freedom to be anywhere on your boat but still be able to survey your area from your fingertips!

Integrating radar overlay on TIMEZERO App


The Furuno DRS4W generates its own network that is 100% cordless. Simply configure your iPad to receive the data from the radar via wifi. Once this stage is complete, you can display the radar echoes on your iPad and overlay them on a chart within TIMEZERO App, as well as satellite photos within your navigation zone.

If you are equipped with an iPad wifi + cellular, then TIMEZERO App can use the integrated GPS to display COG GPS signal as long as the boat speed is over 1 Knot per hour. For the iPad with only wifi, an external device will be required to allow for geo-localization.

As an option, the AIS module (available within the application) will allow you to display AIS targets around you. Connect your AIS receiver with your iPad by creating a wifi connection that will send the data on the wifi to the DRS4W network. Finally, it is possible to use the radar with up to two iPads.

Where can I purchase this package?

To purchase a Furuno DRS4W radar, you will have to locate your nearest Furuno dealer (click here to locate nearest Furuno dealer). As for the application, well you can find this online at the app store within your iPad. In app purchases such as the radar and AIS + charts are available once you have downloaded the application.