Where it all started

Let’s take a trip back in time to 1992 to revisit just what MaxSea was doing and how it was innovating almost a quarter of a century ago. Of course even back then, MaxSea was providing game changing innovations for commercial fishing.

As time has gone by, the demand for commercial fishermen to have software continued to grow and to this day it is still a market that continues to grow! One thing that has changed is that today, innovative software that had originally been designed for the commercial market has made its way to the recreational users.

In 2009, MaxSea and Nobeltec merged to mark the beginning of a new era which would provide a platform to create TIMEZERO technology, a software that would once again allow for innovation.

While the video is a throwback to simpler times, it allows us to get an idea of where MaxSea was at all those years ago and the history that the company has created. That history is a large part of why TIMEZERO is where it is today. A leader in recreational sailing, commercial fishing and professionals at sea.

MaxSea existed even before 1992. It goes all the way back to 1985 with the release of the then named MacSea.


Originally called MacSea because at the time, the Macintosh, released only in 1984, was the only personal computer with a graphical user interface. This model was the Macintosh 128K. It had a graphical user interface, a mouse and the ability to show what a printed document would actually look like before it was printed. It was also the first computer with icons.

It was exactly what founder and president Brice Pryzo needed to bring to his product to life. After 14 years working successfully with Mac products and building the brand, MacSea became MaxSea in 1999. Windows based operating systems had largely overtaken Mac by this time making the switch inevitable.


In 2004 MaxSea became partners with Furuno, a leader in electronic equipment. This collaboration allowed MaxSea to continue to innovate and develop high performance products that can easily be used with the best Furuno products on the market for all things radar, sounder and GPS.


Four years later, MaxSea developed MapMedia, a company dedicated to making raster charts available within the software. MapMedia now provides over 6,000 charts in both raster and vector format.


In 2009, MaxSea merged with another great company in Nobeltec. Today, Nobeltec continues to sell in North America, while MaxSea is available everywhere else in the world.

On the never ending search to develop, in 2013 a new product was developed in the app market. The app was dedicated to be used solely on iPads and provided a new market in which people could use TIMEZERO software.


The group that is made up of both companies MaxSea and Nobeltec now provide a completely homogenous product in the name of TIMEZERO. This brand name has a product range that covers the professional and recreational market with the following products: TZ Professional, TZ Navigator, Coastal Monitoring and TZ app.


MaxSea and Nobeltec are today recognized as global leaders in marine navigation software. TIMEZERO is the fruit of this synergy between American and European companies and personnel, working together to provide the best product possible with a wealth of over 30 years’ experience.

TIMEZERO software bases itself on 3 fundamental values:

  • Innovation & Performance
  • Security & Comfort
  • Collaboration

If you would like to discover more about our products then visit our respective websites: http://www.maxsea.com and http://www.nobeltec.com:

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