Interview with Michel Desjoyeaux on his use of TZ iBoat!

One year ago, we presented Michel Desjoyeaux’s latest project, the Z2015. Developed by his offshore racing team, the sailing catamaran is a platform specifically designed to welcome partners during training, racing or competitions at sea.

Michel Desjoyeaux aboard the Z2015

To manage navigations aboard the Z2015, Michel Desjoyeaux uses the TIMEZERO application developed for the iPad! We wanted to know more about the way he’s using the app, and which features he particularly likes. In addition, our historic TIMEZERO Ambassador tells us a little more about Mer Agitée projects!

What are the upcoming projects with your company Mer Agitée?

“The Imoca 60 ‘SMA will be at the start of the next Route du Rhum, since Paul Meilhat recovered from his shoulder surgery. ”

As a reminder, Paul Meilhat injured his shoulder last June during training to prepare for the Route du Rhum. After his surgery and ten weeks of rest, he is now ready to take the departure which will take place on November 4th at the port of St-Malo, France!

What events will you attend aboard the Z2015?

“This year we were back to the Barracuda Tour and the Open des Glénan with our engine partner Suzuki for these bar fishing competitions.

The Z2015 during the last edition of the Open des Glénan

More than a year after launching the Z2015, we are sailing everywhere. We followed two legs of the Tour Voile for the guests of, in Dieppe and Baden. Z2015 also makes day trips from Port-la-Forêt, France or elsewhere for groups of 15 to 25 people. And of course, we will be at the departure of the next Route du Rhum and then on the water to bring some partners at the very heart of this event. ”

How and why do you use TIMEZERO on iPad on board of the Z2015?

“I wanted to have a very simple installation, very rustic, without interconnection, wireless, etc. Just something with SHOM Raster navigation charts (yes, I was born with paper charts and I’m so used to reading them!)

TIMEZERO is the perfect app on board Z2015. It’s installed on a 3G iPad, in a waterproof case. Even without a SIM card, this model has a GPS and therefore very simply feeds TIMEZERO with an instantaneous position. The graphics engine is fast, it allows to zoom in / out easily, it’s very user-friendly. The memory is enough to store the detail cards, and if needed, a Wi-Fi connection in a port would allow me to download what I need. ”

Which function do you use most regularly and why?

“The function I use the most is Touch on my destination, then Go To. With that, I have the heading, distance, travel time and time of arrival. Based on that, I decide when I stay under sail or when I have to put the engines on to bring my guests back to the harbor, when it’s time to go home. Around Glénan Islands, I monitor the water level with the graph. And of course, the COG/SOG vector line in front of the boat, with adjustable projections from 10 minutes to 1h on long trips.

I take it everywhere with me, always with the NKE pilot’s remote control around my neck: at the helm when we are sailing around rocks, the day before from the ship’s deck, in the cabin when we take a nap, or even night at anchor to check if the anchor is on the coachroof, deck or on the front trampoline. I also use it to explain to the guests where we are, where we go, how we navigate, how to read a navigation chart, explain the route that skippers will start during departures, etc. I can even leave it at the disposal of the guests. ”

Do you use any additional modules in the App?

” The AIS module could be useful as a more visual solution than a table of numbers. I have an ICOM MA-500TR receiver that lists the surrounding targets in ascending order of distance. The job is done this way! ”

What is the difference between TIMEZERO on PC and TIMEZERO on iPad?

“On the iPad, I have a very simple and robust solution, instantly, every day.

When we leave for several days, I take my PC, with TZ and charts loaded to receive weather, prepare routing, better manage my landings in the ports, see AIS targets with collision detection. There, I have the complete tool I need. And this provides me a back-up for the iPad. ”

TZ iBoat is the latest innovation in real-time coastal navigation! Practical and complete, the app offers world chart coverage. In addition to Raster charts, such as those used by Michel Desjoyeaux, 40 navigation charts are available thanks to compatibility with C‑MAP Vector charts.

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