Michel Desjoyeaux – Laying the foundations for innovative media coverage off-shore and coastline racing

With numerous records to his name that are still intact, Michel Desjoyeaux is without a doubt one of the legends to have graced the sport. He is also a vital part of making TIMEZERO software what it is today. He was integral to the fine tuning of the Advanced Weather Routing Module as he could use his expertise to provide what he would need from such a program to go faster. Towards the back-end of the 90s, he set up a yacht manufacturing business named Mer Agitée (literally translates to Agitated Sea). Having already smashed his competition to pieces, this challenge was altogether another challenge.

The project came into fruition in 2015 and it was something no one had done before. Under the name Z2015, the partners and sponsors wanted Mer Agitée’s boat to have a hybrid platform.

This new hybrid catamaran (engine and sail powered) propelled by two of the latest generation motors is capable of hosting from 12 to 32 people depending on whether it’s off-shore or along the coast. The platform offers a space completely apart so that press and partners can be on board and in the action rather than following it from afar. They can be there while the boat leaves port or during the first few minutes of a race starting. Training, starts, arrivals and competitions or other events, the Z2015 is the first boat of its kind to be both based on high-performance and comfort.

Specifications of the Z2015 :

  • Length: 18 m / Width: 9m
  • Platform capacity 30 people
  • Cabin made up of one living area, two double bed cabins, kitchen, bath & WC
  • Sail surface 190m2
  • Wing mast, floats and a carbon nacelle
  • 2 outboard motors
  • Foils
  • Satellite connection
  • Dinghy with 8 person capacity

During the international fishing event, BARRACUDA TOUR BENETEAU, in the month of May, the Z2015 had her first trip out to sea. It is platform on which media can follow racing like never before and it is now ready to follow the skippers for the Solitaire du Figaro, the departure of The Bridge and the Transat Jacques Vabres.

TIMEZERO Ambassadors Guillaume Fourrier and Michel Desjoyeaux using TZ App on-board the Z2015 during the Barracuda Tour.


Mer Agitée isn’t just going to stop there because there are other projects in the pipeline such as the Vendée Globe 2020. To keep up to date with the latest goings on of Michel Desjoyeaux, signed up to our newsletter below: