Dedicate your on-board PC to TIMEZERO using Shell Mode

If you have an on-board PC which is solely dedicated to using TIMEZERO, either TZ Navigator or TZ Professional, then you can make that PC start up in shell mode (exclusive mode). This means that the PC will start up and load your TIMEZERO software!

Enabling Shell mode allows you to load your marine navigation software faster. The power of your computer is fully exploited offering a better comfort of use. In addition, by limiting the access to only one software you will provide a better protection to your PC. If you are a TZ Profession user, you can configure the software load your customized workspaces automatically.

What is Shell Mode?

Shell Mode is enabled under a specific Windows User account, automatically launching your TIMEZERO software as soon as that user logs in to the computer. The user can no longer access other software programs.

How to enable/disable Shell mode?

To enable the TIMEZERO shell for the current user, simply open your TIMEZERO software, go to the “Options” menu, select the “Initial setup” and then “Advanced Settings”.

Finally, click on “Enable TimeZero Shell (exclusive mode)” for the function to be operational.

After enabling the Shell, the next time the computer is restarted and user logs in, their TIMEZERO software will automatically load and access to the rest computer will be prevented. If the user then exits TIMEZERO, the computer will power off automatically.

To restore access to the computer, simply disable the TIMEZERO Shell mode.

Example of Shell mode used by Melbourne Metro Fire Department

Advantages of this is quick loading time and in TZ Professional, it can load saved workspace configurations so that the computer starts up automatically in the customized configuration. In this example, of the Melbourne Metro Fire Department kitted out with two TZ Professional v3s, part of their set-up is having TZ Professional v3 open in shell mode and starting up in their customized workspace configuration.

While TZ Professional comes with a variety of workspaces so that performing tasks can be as streamlined as possible, in the case of the Melbourne Fire Department, it is key to have one workspace with everything important available to view right away.

In this image you can see that they have S-63 charts running on the left hand side displaying the boat’s location and heading, while on the top right, the radar displays potential objects such as ARPA targets. Finally, the bottom right displays the sounder window providing information on passing fish as well as seafloor sedimentary type.

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