We give you the answer to the 5 most Frequently Asked Questions #2

Due to the success of the first article, we decided to renew the experience by publishing an episode 2 of the Frequently Asked Questions about TIMEZERO. As a reminder, TZ FAQs gather all the questions that you wonder about marine navigation solutions with their answers.

From TZ installation to AIS , this article gather basic answers that all users must know and it’s always a good way to refresh minds.

Can I install TIMEZERO on multiple computers?

TZ Navigator can be installed on two computers, at home and on the boat for example.

Is TIMEZERO compatible with 64 Bit Operating System?

Yes, TIMEZERO is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1, or Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10, 64-bit Operating Systems.

If I purchase a new computer, will I need to reactivate TIMEZERO?

Yes, you will need to reactivate the software if you change your computer. Before installing TIMEZERO on the new computer, perform a “full uninstallation” on the old computer (from the “Add/Remove” Control Panel). This will credit your activation and you will be able to re-activate TIMEZERO on your new computer.

Is the TZ App available on Android?

No, at this time the TZ App is only available on Apple iOS.

Can TIMEZERO display AIS Targets?

The AIS function is included in TIMEZERO. Any AIS receiver or transmitter can be connected to TIMEZERO, allowing you to display AIS targets around your boat directly on the charts.

TIMEZERO support service, available online, include a complete list of FAQs, a breakdown of service and a specific demand platform management. Please note that it’s also possible to contact our technical support service by mail or phone.

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