TIMEZERO Ambassador, Manfred Rampascher’s Sirius Events overseeing Martinique Flying Regatta

Around a year ago today, we presented Sirius Events, a French event organizer for international sailing events. Created by Manfred Rampascher more than 10 years ago, Sirius Events is dedicated to enabling the best races around the world to thrive.

This year, Sirius Events has added the Martinique Flying Regatta to their roster of events. On the 17-24 November, this exclusive foiling competition will take place in the bay of Fort-de-France with 5 different boat categories, 1 windsurf category and one kitesurf category.

event flyer

On top of the glamorous location, the variety of foils present will offer a real spectacle. All of the categories competing will each be showing off how they perform using foil technology. The increasing adoption of foil technology for racing shows how far the technology has come in a short space of time and this race will shine a light on foils and their performance, whether fitted under the hull or in one of the many unique designs.

windsurf equipped with foil

To prepare this event, our TIMEZERO Ambassador Manfred Rampascher uses TZ Professional:

“As an event organizer, TIMEZERO provides me a vital tool in order to build a race, especially in the inception stage where the different possible routes need to be considered and analyzed but also in the monitoring stage: in off-shore racing, many hours are spent providing support through: safety analysis, monitoring positions and using the weather forecast overlay. I have been using TIMEZERO for multiple years to manage events as it allows me to get swift and rapid actionable insights.”
Manfred Ramspacher – Director SIRIUS EVENEMENTS

To find out more about the event then head over to the official race website.

For more information on TZ Professional and the tools developed for the race, discover this Position Report video demonstration performed by another prestigious TIMEZERO Ambassador, Clipper Race! click on the image below to access: