The planning tool that will make your day

TIMEZERO Navigation software comes packed with different functionalities; however, we know how important a planning tool is for every boater. For this reason, throughout the years we have placed special interest in this area and introduced new features to make our routing tool the best possible one.

In this article, we want to highlight some of the features our planning route tool includes, briefly explain the process to create a route, and present a short video in which an expert TIMEZERO user and long-time boater, Leon Schulz, will show us how he plans his routes. In practical terms, TIMEZERO software is very intuitive, in a way that even non-experienced navigators will find easy to maneuver. For example, to create a route, you simply need to select the “Route” tool and click directly on the chart to create multiple points of passage (also called “waypoints”) before reaching the destination

Once you are ready to navigate, you can designate the route you want to follow and activate it. The active route is displayed in red and has a special priority in the navigation system. When a route is activated, the first waypoint becomes active (surrounded in yellow). If a pilot is connected and configured with TIMEZERO, the route information (bearing and XTE) will automatically be sent and used to steer the boat.

Here is a short video of our expert TIMEZERO user and long-time navigator, Leon. In addition to showing us how he creates his routes, he shares a few bits of advice many navigators will find interesting.

Moreover, in addition to the practical side of creating a route, TIMEZERO Navigation software offers different features to help in the process of planning and assure your safety:

–       The route safety check: this is a very innovative feature that allows you to check route safety while you are creating it. This feature (enabled by default) can be adjusted from the Routes Options under “Check Route Safety.” When turned ON, the leg you are building will turn red or green after a brief moment, letting you know if the depth is sufficient for the safe passing of your boat.

–       The Route Planning Wizard: this function allows you to compute departure time according to various conditions (Tides, Currents, Transit Time, etc.). This way, you can adequately plan to arrive at high tide or leave the harbor with optimal current conditions.

–       Lastly, keep in mind that TIMEZERO allows you to create up to 200 routes of 500 waypoints. This is something frequent navigators will find incredibly useful to save valuable information and time whenever they are at sea.

Now, it’s your turn to test TZ Navigator and its routing tool! Find more information and how to buy it on this link.