PSI creates a multi-integrated mobile control center using TIMEZERO software

An oil platform in Ghana, 3 boats, a need for a strong off shore security system and Puget Sound Instrument from Seattle-Tacoma Washington: those are the primary elements of a remarkable full maritime surveillance solution!

Let’s get a closer look at how this TIMEZERO retailer designed a unique installation to meet all of his client’s requirements.

Project objective: Install an “all-in-one” PC solution for 3 boats that will carry out surveillance missions for a Ghanaian oil rig. To get this solution just right, PSI combined TIMEZERO technology with Furuno camera and radar instruments.

This custom setup solves the problem of how to have a mobile control center. The three boats can survey and take action at the same time. It’s why PSI chose TZ Professional and the TIMEZERO Record & Replay module to control the Furuno surveillance instruments.

Puget Sound Instrument is a full-service provider for Two Way Radio, Marine and Surveillance Electronics operating worldwide with the HQ in Seattle-Tacoma metro area, Washington State.

They operate with the highest integrity and that is why school districts, police departments, cities, military, healthcare, commercial and private customers depend on PSI to deliver critical 24/7 communication, surveillance and navigation systems on land and at sea. They boast 6,500 satisfied customers.

This solution is being possible thanks to the compatibility of 4 key pieces of equipment.

FURUNO ARPA Radar FAR-xxx7 series fully meets the latest performance standards of IMO and IEC for all ships and for ships under 10,000 GT, respectively. It is designed to meet the demands of today’s maritime industry. It offers DVI (Digital Video Interface) facility integrated to deliver crisp and clear radar images. Target detection is enhanced by sophisticated signal processing techniques featuring superb short range detection. AIS information scheme can be incorporated when AIS transponder/receiver is interfaced, thereby further enhancing situation awareness of the operators. This new instrument brings greater bridge performance and enhanced navigation accuracy, increasing both operating efficiency and safety level at sea.

The FLIR M400 thermal night vision camera is a versatile, high-performance pan/tilt marine camera system designed for best-in-class short and long range target identification. The M400’s advanced 640×480 sensor delivers crisp thermal video images in total darkness and lowlight conditions. An integrated HD color visible camera and tight-beam LED spotlight augment target identification for added safety. It has a continuous optical thermal zoom lens (up to 4X) that allows operators to see other vessels and targets at longer ranges.  Active gyro-stabilization ensures a steady image, plus radar tracking and optional video tracking keep potentially dangerous targets in view at all times.

Both instruments data are integrated into TIMEZERO solution to allow the “all-in-one-PC” master solution. TZ PROFESSIONAL is able to display and control the Furuno FAR radar as well as the FLIR M400 camera for a great target video tracking feature. The TIMEZERO ARPA target video tracking allows them to automatically video track all the vessels movement around their operation areas.

With features that are truly cutting-edge, TIMEZERO software has two main objectives: Supreme control and security. Compatibility with S57 and S63 charts, advanced route management, profile window, Fishing workspace, AIS / ARPA features, Security Cone, weather and oceanographic forecast, weather routing, sounder, WASSP, PBG and VDR are all available in this last generation professional marine software.

Finally, adding the TIMEZERO Record & Replay module makes it possible to record up to one month of radar echo, ARPA/AIS targets and video feed! This recording capability is allowed to track back in time to a specific date and time to see what happened and analyze all the vessels’ movements

Today the oil platform of Ghana operates high value activities within high security conditions thanks to this customized installation from Puget Sound Instrument expertise and full range of cutting edge equipment.

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