Nobeltec & MaxSea Unite

TIMEZERO is the brand name that unites companies Nobeltec & MaxSea together. Since 2016, both companies now provide the same TIMEZERO software working together in order to provide an even better product for both recreational and professional users.

The history of Nobeltec

Nobeltec was established in 1993 by two ex-Microsoft engineers who unsurprisingly has a passion for boating. They envisaged make a Windows® based software program that displayed electronic navigation charts and tracked vessel positions with a GPS and that vision led to the success that has made Nobeltec the company it is today.

The first software program produced by Nobeltec, Navtrek, was the moment that Nobeltec announced itself to the boating community. Naturally, the success grew with the adoption of PC software. It wasn’t soon longer after that Nobeltec broadened its product line with the introduction of Navtrek 97 and Navtrek Solo.

Nobeltec then merged with ChartView in 1999 to come out with Navigation Suite 5.0 and Passport World Charts. In 2000, Nobeltec was purchased by Jeppesen leading to 9 years of fruitful work. However, as the core focus of Jeppesen continued to be outside the realm of sailing, a deal was struck with MaxSea International, then leader in marine navigation software. MaxSea and Nobeltec combined and have since been producing the best products available for both recreational and professional software.

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