Learn how to differentiate between the various Marine Protected Zones in C-Map charts

With over 200 navigation chart references available, TIMEZERO lets you sail the entire planet! Criss-crossing through the seas in security thanks to reliable data can only happen by regularly updating your charts.

Certain navigation zones are more risky than others so it is all the more important to have up-to-date charts in these areas. This is certainly the case for Australia where many zones have become protected and regulated. In the latest update: 12.1, these zones are taken into account and the Great Barrier Reef is now mapped out with these protected areas.

Total coverage of protected zones with version 12.1 of C-map Vector charts

With TZ Navigator and TZ Professional, these protected zones are displayed by a unique color code. Each color represents an authorization type as shown in the table below.

In your TIMEZERO software, while you click on a protected zone, additional information is displayed

Find out how these protected zones are represented in TIMEZERO so that you know what each one means.

1 – Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority GBRMPA:

The coral zone of the Great Barrier Reef  are made up of different zones and a little bit like an urban plan on a town, these zones are defined not just by size but also by what can be practiced in that zone, often related to protecting the flora and fauna specific to that zone.

While you sail in these waters, assure yourself that you are equipped with navigation charts that are up-to-date to ensure you are within these new rules established by the local authorities and avoid a nasty surprise. The new charts are only available by getting the latest version: 12.1

How they look inside TIMEZERO

Example of a protected zone:

Table to interpret the colors of each zone:

2 – New South Wales (NSW):

The navigation zones within the New South Wales Marine Park are there to protect marine biodiversity, help scientific research, education and leisure activities.

The NSW marine zones include:

  • Aquatic reserves: 12 aquatic reserves that cover roughly 200 hectares
  • Marine Parks: 6 marine parks for various uses that cover around a third of the domain (345,000 hectares)
  • The national parks and natural reserves: Includes around 20,000 hectares located on the estuary and in the ocean
  • The Ministry of Primary Industries managing the day to day operations of marine reserves
  • The marine protected areas are part of the new approach to manage the maritime domain

Marine biodiversity conservation:

The conservation of marine biodiversity is fundamental to the estuaries and oceans in New South Wales. These reserves are now integrated into national, international and commonwealth as recognized marine reserves.

Furthermore, the conservation includes programs to reduce the marine pollution, the climatic changes, biosecurity, re-establishing the species in danger, spatial planning and the management of resources related to sailing.

Represented in TIMEZERO

Example of protected zone:

Color coded representation of zone type:

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