Interview with TIMEZERO Ambassador and renowned skipper Isabelle Joschke

Isabelle Joschke needs little introduction. She is a household name that reaches outside the world of sailing as being one of the few women that sails and wins off-share racing titles in competitions dominated by men. Last July, she took second place in the Transat Quebec – Saint Malo on board her Class40 Generali Horizon Mixité.


Why did you choose TZ Professional v3 by MaxSea?

“I chose TZ Professional v3 for its chart service and numerous features.”

The chart service of TIMEZERO, TZ Chart, counts more than 160 references throughout the world. The navigation software integrates these charts in an intuitive interface and offers you comfort, safety and optimum performance from the recreational version.

Was the installation process easy?

The installation of all the different hardware went very well. I didn’t have any major problems.

What are your first impressions on TIMEZERO in comparison to other programs available?

The charts that are in TIMEZERO software are great, just like the features: weather forecast service, weather routing module, layers management, NavData and position report.

You recently raced in a transat. How did it go and what challenges did you face?

“I was able to climb up onto the podium during the latest edition of the Transat Quebec St-Malo where I got second place.”

During the race, The Generali Horizon Mixité boat did not need consume fossil fuels. In fact, not only is this class 40 boat very competitive in the water, it also is a benchmark for eco sailing. It can use solar panels and a hydro-generator to provide all the electricity needs.


Why is TIMEZERO software so important for someone in your domain?

I am a professional racing skipper for off-shore races. For me, the use of a software is simply primordial to assure my security and sporting performance.

What is the most important feature in your domain?

“For me, the most important feature is the Weather Routing module.”

The weather routing module included in TZ Navigator v3 and TZ Professional v3 calculates and displays the best possible route to take by analyzing the weather forecast and the polars of your boat. Whether you’re into regatta racing or simply taking the boat out with friends and family, pick up the weather routing module and be sure to arrive as fast or as safe as possible.img_1116

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