Interview with Ian Thomson, TIMEZERO Ambassador and founder of Ocean Crusaders.

One of our longstanding TIMEZERO Ambassador, Ian Thomson recently got in touch to talk about the new software and let us know what he thinks about the new TZ Navigator v3.

thommo-steering660Ian Thomson runs the charity Ocean Crusaders. While we won’t go into detail about the concept behind Ocean Crusaders, you can pretty much get the picture from the title. His crusade tries to save the holy land which in this case is actually water and not land but it still makes sense. One could even deduce that Ian is actually a knight of the sea, although I’m not sure that title is officially recognized. Does his boat have a round table? Perhaps a question for a another time. Is TZ Navigator v3 the key to the quest to find the Holy Grail? Perhaps, but what we really wanted to find out was about how he uses TIMEZERO software.

Last year he wrote an informative article for us about why plastic should never be thrown away at sea and also how the simple can is much more than just aluminum.

If you want to read this article, click here   

Can you introduce yourself?

Founder of Ocean Crusaders, Solo Monohull Around Australia World Record Holder (Around Australia Yacht Race).

Which TIMEZERO software did you choose and why?

TZ Navigator 3 because of the ease of use, yet exceptional routing software capability

Was the installation process easy?

Very easy and simple.

What is your feeling regarding the new TZ Professional v3/TZ Navigator v3 configuration?

Very clear and easy to transition from older version. I still love the ease of use of the program that sets it apart from other programs, yet its performance is exceptional.

What are your first impressions of our marine navigation software in comparison to other programs available?

It comes down to ease of use for me. Other programs are very complex and hard to use, whereas TIMEZERO is very easy to understand and use.

What was the last trip (voyage/race/fishing expedition) you took, how did it go and what challenges did you face?

Palau to Townsville Australia onboard an 84ft Motor sailor. The routing software and weather downloads made the trip safe and fast. We had a few mechanical issues that required us to sail a fair portion of the leg from Palau to Solomon Islands, yet with the routing software and the ease of changing the polars for the new vessel, we had our route planned in no time.


Why is TIMEZERO software so important for someone in your domain?

We run all sorts of deliveries all over the world and TIMEZERO is perfect for making our passages fast and safe. We also look at current data as that helps locate debris patches, part of our environmental campaign. Knowing where the debris ends up and being able to track currents, allows us to find sources of the debris.

What is the most important feature for your profession?

Route planning and Current data.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

We are constantly working on cleaning our oceans of marine debris. This takes us all through the south Pacific islands.

Find out more about how the Weather Routing module works by visiting our dedicated module page: