Interview with full-time cruiser B.J. Porter

We caught up with self-titled full-time cruiser William Porter aka B.J. Porter (to find out about what he thinks of the latest TIMEZERO professional software. B.J. also runs an interesting blog website and regularly updates his viewers on what he does everyday. His articles vary from incidences that have occurred to more helpful articles about the do’s and don’ts of sailing and maintaining a healthy boat.


Can you introduce yourself?

I am a full time cruiser, living on my Hallberg-Rassy 53 with my family since 2012. We are from the East Coast of the U.S. and have traveled as far as Australia. My professional background is in Information Technology and Software Development.


Which TIMEZERO software did you choose and why?

TZ Professional V3. We upgraded to the new version to access the last features of the software.

Was the installation process easy?

Somewhat. It wasn’t an upgrade from my last version of TZ v2.

What is your feeling regarding the new TIMEZERO configuration?

So far I like it Pro, though the look and feel takes some adjustment.

What are your first impressions of the marine navigation software TIMEZERO in comparison to other programs available?

Tough to answer first impressions, since I’ve been using TZ Navigator for about five years since version 1.9. So my “firsts” were a long time ago. I also bought TZ Navigator for its close integration with my Furuno MFD’s, so I did not consider too many packages.

There are some odd things in the interface with reference to Windows UI design standards, but they can be overlooked for the power of the software, though I think it does increase the learning curve somewhat.

What was the last trip you took?

We sailed from Noumea, New Caledonia to Brisbane Australia in September 2016. It was an uneventful passage with good sailing for the first few days. No real challenges except for one monstrous fish that peeled off a lot of line and stole my lure. Which is how we like it, uneventful.

Why is TIMEZERO software so important for your navigation?

I live on my boat, this is my only home. We move fairly frequently. Passage planning, finding anchorages, weather and routing – these are indescribably important on a day to day basis. I use TIMEZERO software constantly to plan our next locations, monitor weather, and of course when navigating.

What is the most important feature for you?

TZ is a key tool for everything from finding safe anchorages to planning safe passages.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I have upcoming passages. Soon we leave Brisbane and sail to Sydney, about 500nm. A short trip, but TIMEZERO will be running the whole time!

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