How to Import GRIB files into TIMEZERO

If you are sailing in the Mediterranean or anywhere else for that matter that is isolated from other oceans, you may be interested in using free (or subscription) weather forecast services from local weather services. These files come in the form of GRIB files just like the ones inside TIMEZERO. For local areas, sometimes it can be useful to get a local perspective on the weather. While TIMEZERO provides a highly accurate weather forecast service, it does so on a global scale and so it could be worth your while to compare the two.

As long as the file is a GRIB*, it can be easily downloaded from a weather forecast website and imported into your TIMEZERO software and then displayed instantly.

In the case of the Mediterranean, this example will show how to use OpenWRF to download and import the weather file into TIMEZERO.

The openWRF Grib files that are available for download here are done using a latest version of the WRF-ARW model. You can choose either a 12km (5 day forecast) or a 4km (2 day forecast).

What is included?

  • Wind at 10m (velocity & direction)
  • Surface gusts
  • Pressure corrected to MSL
  • Accumulated precipitation
  • Total cloud coverage
  • Relative humidity
  • Surface temperature
  • CAPE
  • Parcel Lifted Index
  • Significant wave height
  • Swell height
  • Swell direction
  • Swell period
  • Wind wave height
  • Wind wave direction
  • Wind wave period
  • Sea current velocity & direction

So let’s take a look at the steps to putting this into place!

Step 1: Visit the website and select the appropriate zone you wish to download. Make sure to create a dedicated folder for your weather forecasts that you will be able to easily locate later on.


Step 2: Open up your TIMEZERO software and click on the 3 line icon in the top left hand corner and click on “Open Weather File”


Step 3: Find your recently downloaded weather file


Complete! You will now find the imported data in your TIMEZERO software which you can use to display the weather forecast. Displaying the weather can be done in TIMEZERO v3 software in both the Update tab and the Planning tab on the top of your screen.

While we only provided the OpenWRF website in this example, there are other websites which also offer downloadable weather forecasts in GRIB format. It is likely that your local TIMEZERO retailer will know of some local weather forecast services. Otherwise you could try and perform a search online.

Are you planning on sailing in the Mediterranean this year?

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