How do I download a chart in my iPad for the TIMEZERO App?

It’s probably safe to say that you don’t want to find yourself without a chart when sailing at sea. That is why the TIMEZERO App is the preferred solution for ten’s of thousands of sailors around the world!

Install the TIMEZERO App for your navigation zone

In order to use the TIMEZERO App to sail in your area, you will need to purchase a chart of the area that you will sail in. The charts range from $39.99 to $49.99 and provide incredible value for money when you consider the size of the chart!

The first step to downloading charts is to visit the store and select a chart that is right for you. To visit the store, click on the following button (located in the TIMEZERO App tool bar on the bottom of the screen) :

From here, you can select charts and modules such as the radar or AIS module.

Download your chart navigation zone on the TIMEZERO App

Once you have purchased your chart, you can start using it straight away! However the chart isn’t downloaded to your iPad. In fact, you are just using an internet connection to get the details of the areas you are currently looking at. So if you go out into an off-shore area where the connection isn’t great or you only use a Wi-Fi connection, then you will want to download the areas that you plan to sail in. Another advantage of downloading charts is that you have increased speed while using the same chart engine technology that goes into the PC version!

Here is a demonstration of how easy it is to download one or more areas of the chart you have purchased within TIMEZERO:

Tap on the three dots button in TIMEZERO App and select “Manage Chart”.

Notice how the cells are slightly grey. Once you tap on one, it will start downloading to your iPad’s own memory space. Once it is complete, the area will not be shown as grey anymore.

  1. The cells that are grayed-out in a dark gray color show you that charts do not currently exist or have not been purchased.
  2. Charts that have been purchased are also displayed in grayed-out cells, but this time in a light gray color if they are not stored in the cache.
  3. Cells that are not grayed-out are charts that have already been copied to the iPad local cache memory.

Now you can go and test if this works by turning off your internet connection temporarily and go into your TIMEZERO App.

As your iPad has limited space, we made it just as easy to delete cells. To do this, within the Manage chart section simply tap on a cell you have downloaded and you will see an option to delete this area. This will free up space to download new areas so you can keep exploring!

If you don’t already use TIMEZERO App then why not download the app (exclusively for iPad) and start using it today. It has a demonstration area in Miami, Florida, USA. This is a great way to test out the App before purchasing a chart!