Guillaume Auger, TIMEZERO Ambassador talks about TZ Professional v3 and the PBG module

Guillaume Auger is a TIMEZERO Ambassador and while his career saw him in a variety of domains, some of his prime years has seen him build up a wealth of experience in game fishing! Often having the local knowledge of the best spots means better results but in this interview we see how combining local knowledge with TIMEZERO technology twinned with the right sounder hardware can mean even better results.

Fishing seabream on the coast of Britanny, Guillaume Auger is equipped with TZ Professional v3 and has the additional Sounder and PBG modules. Getting info from two separate sounders: Furuno DFF1-UHD and Airmar B265, TIMEZERO  can display the data received of the bathymetry as well as the sedimentary type.

“I already knew the zone having used a sounder in Autochart, however, thanks to TZ Professional v3 and the sounders, I was able to see the seamounts in far greater detail.  I spent 3 hours scanning a place that I already knew yet I uncovered a lot of very interesting information.

I made geo-locations of every point where a seabream was spotted when scanning the zone. The seabream has a distinct thick and back and forth-like acoustic allowing it to be spotted.

Then during a trip I launched the 3D Cube and I analyzed the sedimentary type using the PBG module. And this is where I made the discovery! By overlaying the fish on a color coded sedimentary chart, I saw that they were all found located in an environment that shared the same density of rock.”

The PBG module in TZ Professional allows for 3D data capture in real-time using a connected sounder. When the PBG is activated, all the data provided on the depths are automatically saved and are simultaneously displayed in 2D or 3D.

In order to obtain the best possible point of view, use the 3D Cube, a powerful tool that offers a 3D view of the bathymetry. You can see the bathymetry in 360 degrees, zoom in and move the boat to analyze a new area. You can also adjust the parameters to help study in more detail certain depths.

If your sounder has the possibility to analyze the sedimentary, such as with the Furuno DFF1-UHD, you can save the information on sedimentary type at the  same time as building up the bathymetry data. You can then display the sedimentary type as a separate color.

“For sport fishing, this is magic! Simply going to an unknown and using the PBG allows me to find the bathymetry and the sedimentary type and that makes catching fish easier. TIMEZERO is a software that opens up a world of new possibilities.”

If like Guillaume Auger, you practice sport fishing, then go and visit our website to find out about TZ Professional and how it could revolutionize your game: