Even Job, TIMEZERO Ambassador, and proven amateur skipper!

2020 has been a challenging year for many sailors with the cancellation of regattas and sporting events. This was no exception for our Ambassador Even Job, who had planned to participate in the Cap Martinique transatlantic regatta. However, he did not give up and finally joined another event: The Cap-45/11!

With a departure planned for the beginning of June 2021 from La Rochelle in France, the Cap-45/11 compromises a journey of 750 nautical miles before reaching its final destination in La-Trinité-Sur-Mer, France. 

Before the departure, Even Job welcomed us on board his Figaro 2, where he explained in detail how he uses TIMEZERO software to carry on his adventures. Indeed, for several years the non-professional skipper has been equipped with TZ Navigator, recreational software for PC, and TZ iBoat, a navigation app for iPhone and iPad. Our ambassador explains in the video the function he uses the most, namely the Routing module, and presents to us the details of the Cap-45/11 race.

TZ Navigator Routing module:

GRIB files :

The latest version of TZ Navigator boating software offers compatibility with Iridium GO!, a satellite phone that can be connected to your computer. Even Job uses this configuration to download its GRIB files directly from the “Update” workspace in the navigation software.


The TIMEZERO Routing module also uses the polars of your boat to calculate the best route. It is possible to import a file provided by the boat manufacturer directly into the software or index it manually. The “Polar” workspace gives access to all the data.

Route calculation wizard:

With TZ Navigator v4.1, a new route calculation wizard is available. When you launch a routing, a pop-up window allows you to set your arrival time, departure time, percentage of polars you want to apply, and sailing conditions such as true wind speed and wave height. Whether you are a skipper or a sailor, you are the master of your navigation!

Routing display:

Once the algorithm has performed its calculation, the software displays the fastest route between the two points you have plotted on your navigation chart. All information such as wind strength (barbs) or risk variation is available directly on your screen. 

The new algorithm automatically bypasses coastlines and even offers you an alternative route with a single click. This tool allows you to avoid a navigation zone very easily. 

In addition, the mixed routing shows you on your chart, with the help of a color code, the light wind areas where it is recommended to use the motor.

3D view mode in TZ Navigator and TZ iBoat:

The TIMEZERO chart engine is used in all the products of our brand: TZ Professional, TZ Navigator and TZ iBoat (for iPhone and iPad). Its power allows you to move, zoom in/zoom out very easily on your navigation chart, offering a remarkable comfort of use. 

Thanks to this technology, you can switch from a traditional 2D view mode to a fully 3D view mode. You can move around and view your surroundings with your fingertips. Even Job uses this view mode to see the relief when he plans to navigate near an island!

3D view mode in TZ Navigator
3D view mode in TZ iBoat

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