Discover peer to peer boat rental

Have you ever found yourself in the situation of being ready to go sailing but still needing to rent out a boat? In an industry that has previously excluded those without their own boat or required customers to pass through a rental company has now become an open marketplace thanks to the sharing economy in which boats can be rented by their owners.

The ocean made accessible thanks to peer to peer rental

Just like TIMEZERO, renting boats is aimed at both recreational and professional sailors, so no one is excluded. The sailing rental industry has seen a boom since the arrival of peer to peer boat rental. Not having to pass through the traditional channels has meant that the prices have become more accessible and more people are able to rent.

Sharing is caring & profitable

More boats in more locations means more people able to sail. By having a system where one can search by closest destination, renters can find a solution that is more fitted to their exact needs.

TIMEZERO users that are boat owners can become part of the sharing economy, providing others with the joy of sailing while increasing their own personal income. The renter can even decide whether they want to stay on-board as the Skipper meaning that he can both turn his passion into a job and also allow those without a sailing license the chance to experience the sailing lifestyle. So, a boat that was once admired from afar is now within one’s grasp!

TIMEZERO is there to respond to the needs of professionals and individuals in the boating world. The same is true for Click&Boat, European leader in peer to peer boat rental. Since opening its doors to professional boating companies, the platform now offers more than 20,000 boats. Exchange, share knowledge and help expand an already booming market of boating enthusiasts.