An interview with Guillaume Auger, chief editor of Pescanautic and TIMEZERO ambassador

Guillaume Auger’s passion for fishing came at a young age and that passion manifested itself in his company Pescanautic, which distributes fishing gear as well as providing in depth information and is the first in the French market to release an online catalog downloadable as an App. Guillaume discovered TIMEZERO software when out on a guided fishing trip in the gulf of Bréhat, France. It didn’t take long before he realized how complete a fishing tool TZ Professional v3 really is. 

In this exclusive interview, our TIMEZERO ambassador explains how he uses TIMEZERO as his sport fishing sidekick.

Why did you choose TIMEZERO software?

“Having an innate understanding of fish, their environment, what they feed on are essential aspects for progression. Being able to bring together vital information on the seafloor, the bathymetry, the meteorological weather data (currents, tides, chlorophyll) all together on the same device and in real time seemed to me a very innovative approach to sport fishing. The precision of the latest generation TIMEZERO software allows me to prepare for fishing trips, to optimize existing areas and discover new areas. It is extremely precise and complete, the software provides insights into which areas have the highest concentration of fish and where they will travel.”

Which features do you use most often?

“First off, the PBG module really fascinated me in that it allows each user to create their own bathymetry in 2D/3D and it does so in real time. Other than that, I found out about the various chart options, the tracks from previous trips, customizable layers, weather forecasts. I’m still learning how to use this software to its full potential and I’m rarely not using it.”

Video presentation of the PBG module in TZ Professional v3 :

How was the installation process?

“It was very simple and rather quick.”

Did you get an opportunity to compare TIMEZERO to other software? What differences did you notice?

“To my knowledge, TIMEZERO isn’t comparable to any electronic system that is available for sport fishing.

One of its major plus points is in its versatility and how the bathymetry evolves with each trip. Any fisherman could use this software and would find features that will benefit him as well as help evolve the bathymetry mapping. The possibilities provided by both the professional and recreational software give any user the choice to customize what they display so that it is designed to fit their needs.”

Why is TIMEZERO so important for your line of work?

“When I need to find fish, I don’t go out there blind as I have knowledge of my local area. Using this knowledge, I can test a new product or technique and so by using TIMEZERO I can gain time by locating the best areas faster. Based on the currents, tides, chlorophyll and bathymetry, TZ Professional v3 allows me to gain time! Not only does TIMEZERO give me a huge advantage in sport fishing, but it is also a very precious tool for my professional activity.”

Would you like to add any other comments?

“I would like to mention that on top of my TIMEZERO  software, I’m equipped with the DFF1-UHD from Furuno and an Airmar B265 sounder.

Sonder DFF1-UHD – Furuno
Sounder B265 – Airmar

I often use the sounder feature with TZ Professional v3 which allows me to get closer thanks to its accurate Accu-Fish feature. This provides a display of fish or 3D seafloor with a vertical line running up to the boat so finding your bearings is easy.”

3D workspace & sounder in TZ Professional v3

Pescanautic who celebrate their 10 years, is the first fishery company to provide an App that has their product catalog available to consult. It is updated seasonally and contains fishing gear for salt water or fresh water. It caters to all styles such as: rockfishing, Tenya fishing, isofishing, etc. To get more information on the free App, visit the App store or Google play store.

If you want to take your fishing up a notch then visit our website and find out more about TZ Professional v3. Here you will find detailed information on what features are designed for sport fishing.