An alarming array of alarms are available inside TZ Navigator v3 that you might not have known about

The latest version of TZ navigator has new features  in order to ensure the security of recreational sailors. The XTE feature and the security cone are new features available in TZ Navigator v3 .

In this article, we look at alarms and their features which take into account these new security features for TZ Navigator v3. Discover just how many alarm types there are and how to configure them to your own liking.

TIMEZERO allows for custom configuration of independent alarms because each alarm is needed for its own specific purpose. That way identification of danger takes place within a time period that means you can do something about it in ample time and space.

Different alarm types

XTE alarm:

This alarm alerts you if you leave your defined route to whatever the XTE distance you have set. This is useful because this area might be in waters that have little depth. An alarm is triggered when the vessel has strayed a designated distance (“XTE Alarm Value”) from the active route. Note that you can display a graphical representation of the Cross Track Error limit on the chart by enabling the “Display XTE Alarm Lines” available in the Route options.

Alarm zone :

You can also create zones by drawing them using the Polygon tool or by right-clicking and selecting create zone. You can designate this area as an alarm zone by right-clicking and selecting the appropriate option.

You can also include AIS and ARPA targets in your alarm  zones.

Sea Surface Temperature Alarm :

You can set an alarm based on water temperature : above or below the range you predefine as well as a given time period.

Speed alarm :

Set an alarm for speed with an upper and lower limit within a given time frame.

CPA/TCPA alarm:

“Closest Point of Approach” and “Time to Closest Point of Approach” defines the CPA and TCPA values for which a target is considered dangerous and displayed in red on the chart. These values are also used to trigger the CPA/TCPA Alarm, when enabled. Simply choose the minimal time and distance to create these alarms.

AIS & ARPA Alarm Zone:

Applies alarm zone to targets (AIS and ARPA). Note that the progressive alarm is not working on targets. You will receive an alarm only when a target enters an area.

Anchor Watch Alarm:

An alarm is triggered when the vessel strays a designated distance from where the user set anchor. Note that you can enable/disable the Anchor Alarm by right clicking directly on the Own Ship icon.

Anti-Grounding Cone Alarm:

Takes into account the information of your vector charts. Alerts you if you’re heading towards an area where an object is present or if you are getting closer to a zone of low water. Simply set the minimum distance.

Lost Sensor Alarm:

Allows to enable or disable various alarms when losing specific types

of sensors (GPS,Depth, Wind,etc.)

Configure alarms:

Each alarm can be configured within options. Activation, criteria, security zone, alarm sounds, etc.

For a personalized touch, TIMEZERO lets you customize the sound of each alarm. A limit of 40 alarms activated at any one time with 10 different sounds!

Security is one of the fundamental aspects in TIMEZERO. The software is always developed with this in mind and for TZ Navigator v3 it has never been more true! Countless security measures optimized and easier than ever to put in place.

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