Welcome to our new TIMEZERO Ambassador in Spain: MARKETMAR

MARKETMAR, under the command of Santiago Sánchez, it’s an online learning platform focused on creating content to prepare navigators for the tests required to obtain their licenses. Through high-quality content and a simple language, MARKETMAR explains essential concepts for beginners and seasoned navigators alike.

Thanks to its hard work, MARKETMAR has built a community in its different social media channels. We were able to ask Santiago a few questions about his work and his experience using TIMEZERO, find below the full interview.

You have been using TIMEZERO for over a month now. What are your first impressions of our marine navigation software compared to the other available programs?

My experience with the software so far has been very positive. TIMEZERO’s potent chart engine really surprised me. I looked for a long time for a program that allowed me to work directly on the charts and show how to solve the navigation exercises in a simple way. I tested different software throughout my search, from some of the best-known in navigation to others for architecture and design. And even though some of these had interesting features, none provided the visual tools I needed to carry on with my work properly.

TIMEZERO has great visual features that allow me to explain the exercises while working directly on the charts. Moreover, it has many other useful features and lets me access different charts and satellite photos with just one click.

Have the world at your fingertips thanks to the mm3d charts catalog compatible with TZ Navigator. Its worldwide coverage is available with raster charts and vector charts. In addition, the TIMEZERO technology integrates an unparalleled chart engine where marine charts, 3D data, and satellite photos are intelligently combined through PhotoFusion. 

Why is TIMEZERO software so important for you?

In addition to the visual features and ease of use, TIMEZERO allows me to solve navigation exercises on the charts as if I were doing it on a traditional chart but with more precision. Moreover, having a 3D feature and all the different charts available in one place allows me to explain all the concepts more realistically. TIMEZERO has been a great discovery for me.

Can you tell us about your most recent navigation with TIMEZERO or any anecdote you would like to share?

(Laughter) well, with the current situation, and even though the sea is a very safe place to be, I have not been able to navigate as much as I would normally do. For the time being, I have been playing with TIMEZERO Navigator (especially the Routing feature) and have prepared some routes for this coming spring.

The Route Planning Wizard allows you to compute departure time according to various conditions (Tides, Currents, Transit Time, etc.). Arrive at high tide or leave the harbor with optimal currents conditions has never been this easy!

To learn more about TIMEZERO software and all its features, visit our YouTube channel.