TZ Navigator and TZ iBoat, 5 criteria for comparison

TIMEZERO technology is available on a variety of platforms and for a variety of users. TZ Navigator v3 and TZ iBoat are the two solutions designed for the recreational sailor. These products are made with control and comfort in mind, and while TZ Navigator is a product that provides advanced features, TZ iBoat is the most powerful application for marine navigation. TZ iBoat is in many ways, the PC software’s little sister. The iPad solution possesses a large range of features and provides key information you need to know when at sea.

They use the same graphic engine, so the display of the navigation charts is relatively similar. Both can display the charts in 2D as well as 3D  and both are touchscreen compatible (as long as you have a touchscreen PC for TZ Navigator v3). Other essential parts of TIMEZERO’s DNA such as tracks, NavData display (COG and SOG for example), creating routes and marks or even tides and currents can be found on both products.

TZ iBoat vs TZ Nav - 5 criterias

They are at the same time very similar and very different, so that is why this article will look at the features and options which make each product unique. Below, we have revealed the 5 criteria to take into account before being able to understand the proper functioning of each solution.


You can prepare your next trip out to sea from home. To do so, all you need to do is connect your computer or iPad tablet to a wifi connection.

While you are onboard your boat and you’re equipped with TZ Navigator, you must connect your PC to your boat’s GPS. To locate yourself, you need the device capable of being available to receive and transmit this information.

If you use TZ iBoat to navigate and happen to have Wifi + Cellular, then you won’t need to connect a GPS because it comes with the iPad. However, if you just have the wifi version, then you will need receive your geolocation via wifi from an external device.

Purchases and updates:

If you wish to perform a software update, buy a chart zone or even purchase a module for your TZ Navigator, then you can visit our online store which can be found at the following address:

Once there, enter your serial number if you already have the PC software and proceed to select the product, chart or module. It is also possible to purchase via telephone where one of our sales team will take your order.

Purchasing modules or chart zones inside your TZ iBoat is an “in-App” process. The process is managed by the Apple App Store, you just have to enter your login details and complete the required steps. In contrast to TZ Navigator, there is no serial number for
TZ iBoat.

Note : All our recreational range of products are available online. No physical product is delivered as the software can be downloaded completely online.

The Modules:

From version 2.0 of TZ iBoat, you can add modules to get more from your marine navigation. The Radar module allows a Furuno DRS4W radar to be connected and viewed from within the application in real-time.


The second module available is AIS. This module displays the various AIS targets directly on your iPad. It requires a wifi connection to an AIS receiver and transmitter.

TZ Navigator has many more modules to offer. Optimizing your navigation, fishing or other activities at sea is all possible with these advanced modules. The Weather Routing module for example provides the best possible route from A to B by taking into account the progression of weather and the polars that are unique to your boat. The Radar module is similar to that of TZ iBoat, in that it displays a radar overlay on that navigation chart. The Sounder module allows you to control and display the entirety of the sounder information gathered.

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TZ Navigator is the only solution that can have the Log Book which provides information of all your previous trips. This is combined with software that is capable of providing a complete vision with all the data necessary to plan and sail in real-time. The PC software includes numerous features that are unique such as Safety Route Planning, Security Cone, alarms and a latest generation user interface for more simple access to everything you want. TZ iBoat is a great additional tool that offers useful complementary data to the other navigation instruments.

Weather forecasts:

TZ Navigator v3 offers a free meteorological weather forecast service. You can download and display your weather data in GRIB format directly within the software using the Weather Forecast tool in the Update tab. Furthermore, there is unlimited access to this service and you can get weather forecasts to anywhere around the world for any hour of the day! Up to 16 days of forecasts, this service gives you the best possible planning for trips to sea.


Unlike the PC software, TZ iBoat doesn’t provide weather forecasts.

Note: The PC software TZ Navigator is strongly recommended for a more secure route planning.

Furuno compatibility:

For the Radar module to work on your TZ iBoat, your iPad must be connected to the FURUNO DRS4W by a wifi connection. Once this is in place and the radar is properly set up, you can start seeing the radar overlay directly on your iPad inside TZ iBoat!


TZ Navigator offers a compatibility with a wide range of FURUNO hardware products. The Sounder module is compatible with the following FURUNO sounders: DFF1, BBDS1, DFF1-UHD, DFF3 & FCV1150.

The Radar module is compatible with the following FURUNO products: FURUNO NavNet3D/TZtouch DRS and FAR2XX7.


As seen above, the products proposed by TIMEZERO are complete and provide a large range of features. In spite of the differences, notably with certain modules and the weather forecast service, the two solutions together are very complementary to one another.

The iPad’s ease of use and fluidity provides you with the freedom to take your marine navigation software with you anywhere, so whether you’re in the cabin or on the deck, your TZ iBoat is never far.

TZ Navigator is your command center where you can go to delve into your planned route and harness all of the information available. TZ iBoat is much more of a real-time application designed to give you all the important information in the blink of an eye. All TIMEZERO products are user friendly and are accessible to all the crew on board.

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