TIMEZERO ambassadors Bato-a-film in South America

Bato-a-film is an ambassador slightly different from the rest. Their aim is to combine sailing with art. The art they produce is short films usually using the small towns they pass as a reference.

While they have a route planned out from France to navigate around South America before passing back through the Panama Canal, their actual objective isn’t so much the sailing itself but to use sailing as a means to go off the beaten track and visit the lesser known areas.

They shared some screen shots of their TZ Navigator V3, of their trip from their home in France to Rio, Brazil.

The route from France to Brazil

At the equator

Entering Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As they continue to navigate around Latin America, they will be producing more and more short films of the various spots along the coastline, trying to paint a picture of their interpretation of the local people and their distinct cultures.

Below you can find a video of their route from Puerto Madryn, Argentina to Puerto Williams, Chili.

The joy of sailing for many of us can be found in discovering new places and so it is refreshing to see projects that focus on discovery.

Bato-a-Film make use of the AIS overlay in TZ Navigator to be aware of other ships movements when entering busy shipping lanes. An AIS B receiver can be easily connected to your PC running TZ Navigator and then you can simply overlay the various vessels in your vicinity. By clicking on a vessel, their COG & SOG will be displayed as well as location, giving you an idea of whether the vessel poses a risk. This is especially useful in busy shipping lanes in order to perfectly time your crossing.

To find out more about this feature and TZ Navigator, the marine navigation software designed for recreational users to travel around the world, click on the link below.