A promising 14th year of race management with TIMEZERO Ambassador Grégory Boyer-Gibaud

Technical support and general manager of the Ligue de Voile des Pays de La Loir in France, Grégory Boyer-Gibaud has been part of the team that has overseen the off-shore race for the last 13 years.

Grégory is a TIMEZERO Ambassador and has his hands full this year having taken up the same role for another 3 national and international races.

Last April, he was in charge of the Yacht Cup race, that took place during Easter with 12 boats, 80 sailors and 50 volunteers taking part at La Baule – Chaussée de Sein, France.

In June, he will be at the The Bridge event, a reunion somewhat unique to celebrate 100 years of fraternity between France and the United States. A historic transatlantic race between a fleet of giant trimarans and the Queen Mary II. 4 renowned skippers have answered the call to take part: Thomas Coville (Sodebo Ultim’), François Gabart (MACIF), Francis Joyon (IDEC SPORTS) & Yves Le Blévec (Actual).

This year saw Grégory direct the race: Record SNSM. For those who aren’t aware, SNSM is the French Coast Guard. The 14th edition of this race is uniquely for 50 ft boats. The race unsurprisingly aims to promote safety and security at sea while praising the 8000 strong volunteer base of the French Coast Guard. On the starting line, “French Tech Ville de St Malo” & “FénétréA Mix Buffet” are some of the names that are competing.

In this interview, Grégory explains why he puts his trust in TIMEZERO to organize these renowned regattas. In this exclusive interview, he reveals some screenshots of the regattas.

Why did you choose TIMEZERO technology?

“I worked with MaxSea for a while now. I first got MaxSea v10 a few years ago for my personal sailing. When it became necessary to have a marine navigation software to organize events, naturally I thought of TIMEZERO. Since then I have got every new version and currently have the latest TIMEZERO version 3.”

Example of start line in TZ Professional v3

How did the installation process go?

“It went great ! The installation took place quite easily and it was very fluid. The same goes for the marine chart downloads.”

Have you had the opportunity to compare TIMEZERO to other software programs? What differences did you note?

“Yes, I have obviously used other marine software programs that one can find on certain boats, however, I do not frequently use others. None the less, I always felt at ease using TIMEZERO and it feels naturally intuitive to use.”

Zone for regatta: The Bridge & Trophée du Cinquantenaire

What did you last use TIMEZERO for?

“I’m currently using TIMEZERO non-stop as I’m planning the following races: le Trophée du Cinquantenaire, Le Record SNSM and The Bridge.”

Why is TIMEZERO important for your line of work?

“Having a marine navigation software is indispensable for directing regattas, preparing the events and following the fleet and routes of the individual boats. It has the following features: race route, weather forecast, currents, position report, AIS positions and more.”

Example of race route in TZ Professional v3

To organize a race and monitor the action, TIMEZERO Ambassador Grégory Boyer-Gibaud uses TZ Professional v3. If you wish to know more about the features available for TIMEZERO, click on the link below: