Quebec based Ambassador, Bleu Voile Oceanique takes 2nd in Halifax/St-Pierre race

The Halifax/St Pierre race runs from Halifax, Canada to the small French archipelago of St. Pierre-et-Miquelon. The race is 350 miles and runs from Nova Scotia to the small French island which sits just below Newfoundland.

Race route -Halifax to St. Pierre et Miquelon

The event took place on the 26th of June and had a diverse range of boats! The Class 40 in which Blue Voile Oceanique was competing with their boat Bleu35 ended second in their category in a time of 1d 12h 55min 10s. They finished just 40 minutes behind first in category, Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, Oakcliff Racing.


Alain Molimard on-board Bleu32


Damien de Pas (middle) & Eric Tabardell (right) from Bleu Voile Océanique receiving the second place award


Alain Molimard shared the following with us before the race:

“It’s with huge determination that the Bleu Voile Oceanique team and their Skipper Eric Tabardel will try and beat the Halifax – St.Pierre record on June 26th. This race is a 350 mile race between Canada and France! In 2010, Bleu35 finished first in class with a time of 1d 8h 13min. But that was only good enough for 2nd place, as Spirit of Canada took first and broke the record with 1d 5h 43 min.

The 2017 season allowed us to make some upgrades such as adding solar panels and by doing so reduce our fuel consumption. The Bleu Voile team is proud of their French origins and this race presents a great opportunity to meet some old friends in St.Pierre-et-Miquelon. There are 25 boats signed up to race of which, 6 in the Class 40.

Our team consists of Eric Tabardell, Damien de Pas, Alain Molimard and Patrick Molimard for this race and includes the Transat Québec-St. Malo in 2020.”

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