Introducing our new TIMEZERO Ambassadors: Explorking

Kevin and Leanne are a Canadian entrepreneur couple that, pushed by their love for the outdoors; traded their office jobs for an online business. The goal was to explore the world while working. That is how the name “Explorking” was born, a combination of exploring and working with the goal of “working from anywhere and living from everywhere”.

Their adventure began in 2017 when they purchased a motorhome and renovated it while selling their house. Once the house was sold, they went on a great road trip through America visiting 4 provinces and over 30 states in the process. After that, and despite not having any sailing experience they decided to move to sailing. They are now proud owners of a 60-footlong catamaran that has become the vessel with which they explore the world. Operating such a large boat with limited navigating experience can be a stressful experience and therefore TIMEZERO is proud and excited to partner with them on this great adventure. And, allow them to accomplish their mission in the safest and most efficient way possible.



Despite their busy travel schedule, we were able to catch up with them during their Bahamas stop to ask them a few questions about their experience with the software.

Why did you choose TZ Navigator?

“In addition to paper charts, we started using multiple apps and tools – Predict Wind, Windy, Navionics, Garmin Active Captain, but they all fell short. TIMEZERO appeared to be a comprehensive software package that we could use for planning and navigating based on the specifications of our sailboat.”

IMG_20190208_095030 - v2


TIMEZERO is great for planning purposes. It allows for planning of your navigation route in advance and considers everything from the weather conditions to the tides, currents and depth of the waters.

What are your first impressions of our marine navigation software in comparison to the other programs that are available?

“Our first impression was that we wouldn’t run into any limitations with TZ as our demands changed. This was proven to be true as we started to work with anchor alarms, boundaries, and ship tracking.”

Why is TIMEZERO software so important for someone in your domain?

“It all comes down to peace of mind. As full-time cruisers, we need to be as safe as possible, and route planning is one of the most critical aspects. Seeing our route, weather, and other ocean data in one place makes us feel much safer than before. Knowing that TIMEZERO will notify us if we accidently plan our route over a shallow area or other obstacle is a great feeling.”

boat 2

The SV Seamlessly – Kevin and Leanne’s boat.

What is the most important feature for your activity?

“We’re digging the anchor alarm – having the ability to set a perimeter from anchor drop and sleep through the night without a care in the world makes this software alone, completely worth it.”

Alarm 3

Here at TIMEZERO we place a great emphasis on safety and are enchanted to hear these features are allowing sailors enjoy their trips without a worry in the world. All the alarms available in the software are customizable and programmable so that we can keep you safe no matter the need.

 Can you tell us about your last navigation with TIMEZERO or any anecdote you would like to share?

“When we want to move somewhere new, we open up TIMEZERO, plot our course and find the safest route for our vessel and the safety feature doesn’t allow us to create a route over shallow areas, or areas where we shouldn’t be sailing. There have already been countless times that TIMEZERO has caught things that our paper charts and Navionics hasn’t. In fact, just the other day, TIMEZERO saved us from planning over a shoal when our paper charts said there was no shoal to be had.”

You can follow their adventures on their blog:


Our software comes with a very powerful mapping engine that allows seamless zooming in and out of the charts. In addition to this we are the only marine navigation software that offers PhotoFusion; the patented intelligent fusion of satellite photos and marine charts. This always allows for the display of the most relevant information, a unique technology on the market.

 TIMEZERO Navigator is a cutting-edge recreational navigation software that is designed for a user-friendly experience. It is completely touch-screen compatible and allows for efficient and safe planning of your routes. Click the link below to learn more about TZ Navigator and set sail today!

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