Interview with Manfred Rampacher, Nautical Events Organizer in Europe and TIMEZERO Ambassador

manfred_profileStarting his professional career as a marine officer, Manfred quickly became known in the nautical industry. At the head of the Tour de France à la Voile during 8 years, he then founded Sirius Events, in order to create and develop nautical events in France and Europe. Our TIMEZERO ambassador now organizes off-shore races, international regattas, circuits and events directly related to the nautical industry.


To give you a scale, the organization of the Trasat Jaques Vabres, Tour de France à Voile, Normandy Channel Race and even Sailing Arabia! They are all organized by Sirius Events! In its 10 years of existence, Manfred Rampacher has already been the integral part of 25 events around the world.

In order to manage the creation of projects or preparing for navigation, Manfred Rampacher uses TIMEZERO. We wanted to know more about the way our technology is being used and so in this interview we looked at how a major race organizer uses TIMEZERO to plan his races.

Why did you choose TIMEZERO?

TIMEZERO is for me, the product which appeared to be the most adapted for a race organizer. For project preparation and defining courses, it has particular features that are important.

Was the installation process easy and without problems?

Yes it was easy! I didn’t encounter any particular problem when installing the program.

Did you have the opportunity to compare TIMEZERO with other programs? What differences did you note?

“I found the access to TIMEZERO is simpler compared to the other software programs. It is also more pedagogic.”

TIMEZERO is the technology that provides unparalleled fluidity when navigating (Raster or Vector) with TZ Navigator and TZ Professional. Furthermore, it is possible to personalize the software by adding satellite photos, bathymetry, tidal currents, etc. The chart engine can switch seamlessly between 2D and 3D.


For what purpose did you last use TIMEZERO?

“The last time I used TIMEZERO, it was to manage the 2016 edition of the Normandy Channel Race.”


Created in 2010 by Sirius Events, the race took place between Caen and Ireland, and boats of the 40 Class competed in completing the 1000 mile race. The Course is varied, with the first part starting in France and going to Britain and then to Ireland. The second half takes place in the English Channel and Celtic Sea. The route of the course is relatively strict with complex navigation zones making for tactical races!

Why use TIMEZERO in your domain ?

“TIMEZERO lets me prepare a race project in a very detailed way. I also use this software when I’m managing races in real-time.”

The race directors use the Position Report feature included in TZ Professional v3. This tool allows one to create automatic report positions for the boats racing. The synchronization and the sharing of this content online is compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive platforms. This feature, unique for racing, allows user to optimize the surveillance of competitors and for each competitor to see each rival’s position.

Exemple de Rapport de position sur TZ Professional v3
Example of Position Report in TZ Professional v3

To find out more about TZ Professional v3 and its features specific to maritime racing, don’t hesitate to visit our dedicated webpage. You will find additional information of the module Weather Routing Software and Position Report.

To find out how TIMEZERO gives you an advantage, click on the image below: