Interview with Tim Carson, President of Perth Game Fishing Club and TIMEZERO Ambassador

Currently President of the Perth Game Fishing Club (PGFC), Tim Carson has loved all forms of fishing for over 40 years. With a special preference for chasing pelagic fish, his new challenge is to perfect his “on fly” technique. His incredible know-how about fishing in Australia and his technical experience enabled him to capture a world record on his second time out with a fly rod.

Tim Carson in picture showing off a tuna catch

In fact, in 2015 Tim caught a 3.83 kg and 73 cm long Australian salmon on a 3 kg tippet.
In this interview, Tim Carson gives us his point of view on TIMEZERO technology and tell us more about the features he uses in TZ Professional v3 during his fishing sessions.

Can you tell us about Perth Game Fishing Club?

“PGFC was formed more than 65 years ago in Perth, Australia by a group who had a common interest in game fishing and had boats which could venture around Rottnest Island. Now PGFC uphold the philosophy of fishing for future generations by organizing tournaments, social activities (such as meetings, informative presentation, etc.) and by running Fishing Aggregating Device (FAD) program.”

Which TIMEZERO software did you choose and why?

“I chose the TZ Professional v3 as it was the latest release and offered me the best long term opportunities for my planned usage.”

Was the installation process easy?

“Installation was extremely easy and everything was installed with no issues by following the easy instructions.”

What is your feeling regarding the new TZ Professional v3 configuration?

“The TIMEZERO system has an interface which is easy to set-up and use.”

Our navigation software has been developed with TIMEZERO technology. Therefore, TZ Navigator, TZ Professional and TZ App are made to be as intuitive as possible. The user interface of TZ Professional v3 is composed of 3 main parts: a tool bar, workspaces and NavData. TIMEZERO allows you to gather and manage all your navigation and fishing data on one tool!

What are your first impressions of our marine navigation software in comparison to the other programs that are available?

“I have found that this version is simple to use and the set-up is very intuitive which means anyone can use it without much instruction.”

What was the latest fishing expedition you went on; how did it go and what challenges did you face?

“My last fishing expedition didn’t end up as planned. Strong winds and an average forecast restricted me to protected areas. The one saving grace was being able to use the TIMEZERO software to identify temp and current areas in those zones to allow me to continue to target pelagic species.”

TIMEZERO software has a free weather service that includes worldwide oceanic information. With an internet or satellite connection, you can download your weather information wherever you are. Offering up to 16 days of forecast, TIMEZERO service allows you to download major weather data such as: Air temp, cloud, rain, wind, pressure, waves, currents, etc. Display all the data directly on your navigation charts by using the dedicated Planning Workspace. The timeline ribbon enables you to see the evolution of the weather forecast for the chosen zone.

Why is TIMEZERO software so important for someone in your domain?

“The ability to easily manage waypoints. As my local area is very devoid of structure over large areas the ability to create more detailed mapping of the bottom in areas often frequented.”

During your navigation or fishing session, you can geolocate a target (a fish in our case) and display a mark on the maritime chart. Just by choosing the mark tool, click on your navigation map to add an icon (shape and colors can be modified as well). From here, go back to your fishing spot whenever you want.

The Fishing Workspace allows you to visualize seabeds and depth directly with very accurate data. You can customize the information displayed and provide 2D color code and scale bathymetry.

What is the most important feature for your activity?

“The ability to map the sea bottom and then view it in 3D provides the opportunity to better understand bottom detail and identify the type of structure I am looking for.”

The 3D cube Workspace provides an intuitive 3D viewer that gives you the opportunity to have a precise and realistic seafloor overview.

For more information about TZ Professional v3 and its advances features developed for fishing, please follow this link: