How to plan a route through the French Polynesian islands

Going to the destination of your dreams with your dream boat is the stuff of dreams, right? Well of course it does come with a catch. For instance, the French Polynesian islands are littered with treacherous atolls and seamounts making navigating through them risky. That’s why having a software that helps you plan a route in supreme safety will make that once in a lifetime trip smooth sailing.

While we added into TZ Navigator v3 the safety route planning feature that helps you see in color coded fashion whether your boat will pass through an area or not, this recreational software is full of other features that will also make your route planning more secure.

This video was made by TIMEZERO ambassador Chris Harris and it displays route planning  in between the Gambier islands to Hao in the Tuamotus, French Polynesia. Some of the TIMEZERO features involved are the following:

  • Divider tool
  • Depth shading
  • Creating area boundaries
  • Creating alarms
  • Using different zoom levels
  • 3D mode and flyover to view boats trajectory

Chris Harris is an experienced sailor who has recently relocated from the Falklands to Christchurch, New Zealand. Visit his blog website:

To find out more about TZ Navigator v3, visit our website!


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