Eric Bellion interview, a navigator unlike any other

Eric Bellion isn’t just any navigator! You’ve probably seen him recently on TV, in newspapers or in movie theatres with his new movie “COMME UN SEUL HOMME”. After racing through the oceans in international competitions such as the Vendée Globe, the Route du Rhum or the Rolex Fastnet Race, Eric has decided to pursue his now projets.

After leading a crew as a Skipper for the association Team Jolokia, 15 years ago, Eric decided to create COMMEUNSEULHOMME. The goal of this project is to explore diversity!

Eric wanted to offer something that varied from what you would usually see in competitions, where speed and performance are the most important factors. We were able to see him in action during the previous edition of the Route du Rhum: Destination Guadeloupe. Eric was navigating onboard of a 69 footlong iron and polished wood schooner, a boat not really made for racing but that showed the mindset of the captain. The goal wasn’t to win the race but to navigate “without suffering from the enormous pressure of reality that doesn’t let us slow down when we want to”. This was the challenge that Eric set for himself for this unusual crossing. He finally finished the transatlantic trip in 34 days!

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Whether he’s competing in a race, or casually navigating in his schooner, Eric Bellion has been using the TIMEZERO solution for many years. To accomplish his upcoming mission, he has decided to stay with us. We got the opportunity to sit down with him to get more information on how he uses our software and to ask him about his favorite features. In this interview, Eric also reveals his project “l’Odyssée de l’harmonie” (The Odyssey of harmony), an around the world trip to meet different people and learn about their cultures!

Could you introduce yourself and give us a few words on your boat?

“My name is Eric Bellion; I am a navigator and explorer of differences.

With COMMEUNSEULHOMME, we are creating maritime and human adventures to inspire the will to go towards others.

On the Odyssey of harmony, the new COMMEUNSEULHOMME adventure, we will be navigating onboard of Ahoy, our beautiful schooner. It is 21 meters long. It’s a fore and aft schooner with a lifting keel and a steel hull. It is beautiful!”

Why did you choose TIMEZERO for this project?

“The TIMEZERO solution is the one that fits our maritime adventure the best. It is simple and efficient. It gave me full satisfaction, even when racing the previous Route du Rhum”

How did TIMEZERO accompany you during the Route du Rhum?

“I planned my entire strategy with TIMEZERO. The conditions of that race were not simple, but I had all the tools I needed to navigate properly”

What are the functionalities that you use the most often and why?

“I have mostly used the routing functions. When racing, we run several scenarios, several times a day. For the rest of the adventure I’m going to be using more of the coastal cruising functionalities. I know TIMEZERO is perfect for that.”

Developed over 30 years ago, the TIMEZERO Routing module has never stopped evolving over the years. By considering the weather data (wind and height of the waves) and the speed polars of your sailboat, the algorithm calculates the fastest and most secure route for you. Depending on your navigation style, you can choose performance or secure routing.

Thanks to the calculating power of the module, two clicks on the map are enough for the software to create a route depending on the parameters you have chosen. Additionally, in the latest version of the software, the algorithm automatically avoids land for a simple and safe navigation experience.

Could you tell us more about your upcoming project? How is TIMEZERO going to help you accomplish your mission?

“During the Odyssey of harmony, we are going to follow the tracks of men and women that transform difference into wealth. It is a worldwide treasure hunt that will last 3 years. The itinerary is not set. It is the encounters that will give us the destinations. We are therefore preparing to navigate all the seas and oceans of the world. We therefore need an efficient and easy to use solution because people from all over the world are going to be part of our crew.”

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