Discover the navigation area inside the VOR 60 Team Jolokia

Team Jolokia have been using TIMEZERO for quite a while and so we wanted to find out just what the main tools are and how they use the software program to help them in competitive racing. Team Jolokia is a professional racing team that differs from the pack. They recruit their crew using equality and diversity as major factors rather than just racing experience. Read how they harness TIMEZERO software below.

On board the VOR 60 Team Jolokia, we have been using TIMEZERO for over 6 years. We have it installed on our dedicated on-board computer. TIMEZERO is connected with all the boat’s instruments allowing us to have all the information in real time on the same software.

Navigation room on-board

Thanks to the GPS on-board, we can see the boat evolve in real time overlaid on the software’s on the 2D or 3D charts. The chart detail and positioning precision allows us  to approach land with added confidence but of course as any vigilant navigator, we always keep watch.

Volvo 60 Team Jolokia

On this type of boat, a Volvo Ocean Race 60ft (VOR 60), where you can reach high speeds, gaining time by using software navigation can be vital during both arrivals and coastal races where we are never far from dangerously shallow waters.

With TIMEZERO we can very quickly evaluate a distance in our environment and the lubber line of the boat can be created allowing us to anticipate the trajectories and time all our actions with precision: the next tack or gibe, lowering the sail, changing sails, etc.

Using GRIB files, it is then possible to create optimized routes using the Waether Routing module, which today has practically become indispensable for those competing in races.

“Polars” workspace inside TIMEZERO

With the AIS connected to TIMEZERO, real time positions and speeds of other boats (with AIS) in the vicinity can be tracked. The software instantly displays the trajectories and the TCPA/CPA which simplifies the watch whether it’s monitoring other recreational boats, fishermen or cargo ships. On a VOR 60, it’s impossible to improvise when doing maneuvers at the last second and so thanks to TIMEZERO we can anticipate the collisions and change our route, make a maneuver or call the other boats by VHF.

Image of AIS in TIMEZERO v3

Finally, the AIS connected to TIMEZERO is a great arm as it lets us follow the route and speed of our competitors. We can optimize and rework our strategic options using provisional optimized routes on the software based on the insights of our competitors.

All this and with real ease of use, providing insights that allow for immediate actions that make a difference and a great support team that can solve any issues we encounter!

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TZ Navigator is our software program designed for recreational users which can also be connected to GPS, AIS and other marine electronics. Read this article on displaying AIS and ARPA targets.