MaxSea TimeZero Spring 2013 Releases

This Spring, we’released 2 new software versions, 1 new module and a software upgrade. Here’s the summary:

MaxSea TimeZero Recreational v2

  • Windows 8 CompatibilityMaxSea TimeZero Recreational v2
  • Advanced planning according to tides and tidal currents
  • Major improvements to the presentation of AIS information
  • New Progress Bar (Date/Time)

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Advanced Routing Module

This module allows advanced sailors to manually control and adjust the weather fileAdvanced Routing Module parameters in order to get more accurate results. It also introduces the variability notion, helping the skipper to identify the particular moments in the navigation where strategy choices are critical.

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MaxSea TimeZero SportFishing

  • Real time PBG dataMaxSea TimeZero SportFishing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless NavNet 3D connection
  • Free weather forecasts and oceanic data display directly on navigation charts to help you to detect the best fishing areas
  • Includes all of the nautical charts for one MapMedia Wide area
  • Built-in AIS/ARPA function

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MaxSea TimeZero Racing

  • Professional user interfaceMaxSea TimeZero Racing
  • Free weather forecast service
  • AIS/ARPA built-in function
  • Transat Mega Wide chart area
  • France and United Kingdom current zones
  • NN3D and FAR 2xx7 advanced compatibility
  • Advanced Routing Module: This NEW module brings many new features which complete our basic Routing Module (reliability index, polar % and configuration of the weather files over time)
  • PosReport Module: It allows racers tracking during an ocean race

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And last but not least…

The MaxSea TimeZero App is available now!

The importance of oceanographic data for fishing

Sea surface currents, temperature, chlorophyll concentration and altimetry provide essential data for efficient and productive fishing and a better understanding of the behavior of fish (pelagic fish in particular) and better target fishing zones.

Sea Surface Temperature

MaxSea TimeZero Plot - Sea surface temperature

MaxSea TimeZero Plot offers an accurate, detailed display of the surface temperature, obtained via satellite. Each new version of MaxSea offers data that is increasingly global and more and more accurate.
The most important point is to clearly identify “rupture zones”, or in other words, thermal fronts where masses of water of different temperatures converge (in this image, a red zone, which is hotter, is encountering a yellow zone, which is colder). Fronts are likely to shelter more bait fish and therefore fish (mainly pelagic fish).

MaxSea TimeZero allows the selective display of a specific range of sea surface temperature, when targeting specific conditions.


MaxSea TimeZero Plot - Altimetry

Altimetry is an anomaly in the surface water height, in relation to a referenced mean sea surface height. These surface height measurements indicate the below surface temperature of water columns which change less quickly than the surface temperature.

The warmer the water is, the more the anomaly will be “positive” (higher than the referenced mean surface height) and vice versa.

The altimetry is obtained by radar detection. Unlike the surface temperature, sensing it is not susceptible to the presence of clouds. It therefore provides efficient information supplemental to the surface temperature. Here too, the zones where masses of warm water and cold water converge are the most interesting.

Thanks to MaxSea it is easy to use graphical display, it is easy to determine potentially fruitful fishing zones.

The fronts between warm and cold zones (between positive and negative anomalies) are zones where pelagic fish and particularly tuna are more likely to be present.

Surface current

MaxSea TimeZero Plot - Ocean currents

Indicating rising water and therefore rising nutrients and phytoplankton. Cold eddies are zones where pelagic fish are likely to find their food. Surface currents and eddy zones offer highly complementary, useful data, completely free of charge and on a flexible basis via the MaxSea Chopper interface (choice of zone, size of the zone, etc.).

Chlorophyll Concentration

MaxSea TimeZero Plot - Chlorophyll Concentration

Chlorophyll concentration is a measure of the abundance of algae, also called phytoplankton, which account for most of the plant production in the ocean. Phytoplankton is difficult to measure directly, yet they are the direct or indirect source of food for most marine animals. MaxSea Chopper interface allows you to consult Data of Chlorophyll Concentration indicated in mg/m3.

With MaxSea TimeZero Plot, enjoy the benefit of free and accurate oceanographic data in order to identify your potential fishing zones, save fuel, time and operating costs, and achieve higher performance.

MaxSea sea bass fishing day out

With the help, patience and boat of Olivier Journaux (aka Captain’OJ, an oldtime partner), MaxSea’s sales team went sea bass sportfishing a while ago. We brought you the pictures.

A very difficult weather and poor technical skills (sorry guys, we have to admit it), it was quite a challenge for the team to fish anything. Captain’OJ, the only pro on board, caught the first sea bass (a 1,5 kg piece) that was released immediatly:

First 1,5kg sea bass caught by Captain'OJ

Sales Director Frederic Algalarrondo caught the second fish, a 3,6kg sea bass also released as the team only wanted to keep one.

Second 3,6kg sea bass caught by Frederic, MaxSea Sales Director

Next fish was caught by Area Sales Manager Philippe Raba (3,5 kg):

Third 3,5kg sea bas caught by Philippe, Area Sales Manager

Fourth sample (4,1kg!) was caught by Area Sales Manager Thibault Hua:

Fourth 4,1kg sea bass caught by Thibault, Area Sales Manager

The icing on the cake was a  magnificent 5,2kg sea bass caught by Philippe (second fish of the day and of his entire life) and kept by the crew.

Fifth 5,2kg sea bass caught by Philippe, Area Sales Manager

In spite of the bad conditions, it was a wonderful and very enjoyable sail trip: Captain’OJ discovered the new MaxSea TimeZero for professional mariners (ECS) and MaxSea Sales Team put their hands on the fishing craft.

MaxSea Sales Team

Thank you Olivier for the great experience and thanks to Fred, Philippe, Thibault, Clément and Sandrine for allowing us to publish these amazing pictures of you 🙂

Here’s the same post on Captain’OJ’s blog (in french).

Do you want to go sea bass fishing? 2012 Season is up and running! Contact Captain’OJ.


MaxSea Time Zero Explorer User Testimony

User Testimony of MaxSea Time Zero Explorer
By Keith Johnson, Game Fisherman, Port Stephens

JN Taylor the Australian distributor for Furuno, Maxsea and other leading brands of marine electronics was once again in 2009 the major sponsor for the largest offshore game fishing tournament  in the southern hemisphere – the 2009 NSW Riviera Interclub . The Interclub event runs over 10 days at the end of February each year and is as much a festival for life around the water as a fishing tournament. Hosted at the picturesque coastal holiday town of Port Stephens on the Central coast of New South Wales two hours drive North of Sydney, the local fishing grounds are world renowned for proving one of the most consistent fisheries for all species of Marlin.
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