Ever wondered how it feels to cruise in supreme control?

Do you own or use a yacht? Do you already use a navigation software? Do you know about TIMEZERO? If the answer to one of those questions is yes, you will like this article!

TIMEZERO is the world leading technology for navigation software, resulting from a synergy between Nobeltec and MaxSea, 2 leading developers of PC-based marine navigation software programs that exist since 1984. Its cutting edge interface and features are designed to allow the most demanding navigator to cruise in supreme control.

Just watch the video below to see how TZ Navigator v3 will make your downtime more relaxed and more enjoyable than ever.

The latest TZ Navigator v3 is the perfect fit for yatching. We combined the features that made the success of our entry level product, such as waypoints, routes, tides, marine weather forecasts and AIS/ARPA function with a brand new user interface and exciting advanced features, like the Security Cone and Safety Route Planning.

Discover TV Navigator v3

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