Furuno hardware and compatibility with TZ Professional v3

Furuno hardware and compatibility
with TZ Professional v3


Furuno recently introduced lots of new MFD, Radar and Sounder hardware. Here is a list of the Furuno hardware and its compatibility with TZ Professional v3.

Data exchange (March 2016)

Note: TZ Professional v3 has the same list of compatible Furuno Hardware as v2.1

*TZtouch MFD:
• Synchronization of route and waypoints working with TZ Professional v3 and TZT firmware 4.03
• BUG with latest TZT firmware 4.11 (synchronization not working)

Hardware compatibility (March 2016)

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot provide an exact release date regarding the full compatibility of the hardware above. Our next milestone is the release of TZ Navigator v3 which will have the same hardware compatibility as TZ Professional v3. We will then focus on the TZT/TZT2 Route & Waypoint synchronization. We will keep you posted as soon as possible regarding these future developments.

download overview


Feel free to contact supportpro@maxsea.fr for any further information.


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