The best Apps for Eating Sustainable Fish

Listed below are some of the top apps helping to raise the awareness of sustainable fishing. So the next time you are out at a restaurant, or even at the local fish market, you can make sure you are not supporting overfishing or in some cases even illegal fishing. They are all free to use so why not try them out!

Seafood Watch

seafoodwatchThe Seawatch App is easy to use and beautifully designed. It has a very expansive list of fish and the simple color coding means you know straight away whether the fish is sustainable or not! But if you’re not satisfied with that you can delve deeper and discover what their definition of sustainable fishing is. They want to educate you about illegal fishing, by-catch, FADs and other practices that are bad for the sustainability of fish in our oceans and seas. Another pro is that if you are located in the US, you can search by your area to find restaurants that serve sustainable fish.

Good Fish Guide


The Good Fish Guide keeps things simple with the same color code which has become synonymous with sustainable fishing apps. Eat (green), Think (amber) and Avoid (red). It will explain whether the fish is affected by over fishing and which method of catching the fish is the most sustainable, so that you can then look for this type.



Sassi is a great little app that is free to use. The first page is essentially just a list of fish that use the 3 color code to give you a rating on the sustainability straight away. Clicking will open up a new page which contains information on the fish. Quite often you get information on two types of fishing practices to catch the fish. This is great however, it is probable that the restaurant will not be able to give you the information you need to know from which place and type of fishing was used to catch the fish. Another great addition is that the field “Gear Type” is clickable and provides a concise definition of the gear used to catch the fish, making you more in the know, so you can astound your fellow diners with your factual knowledge on the menu.

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