MaxSea Time Zero – Even Better on an iPad!

Update (March 2013): It came to our attention that the latest version of Splashtop Remote requires an Internet connection.

MaxSea International is pleased to announce that the Apple iPad makes the TimeZero family of software even better!

The MaxSea TimeZero MaxSea App for iPad is available now! This is a standalone app that lets the user navigate, create routes and more. You can find more information about this app here.

The MaxSea TimeZero App is available now!

TimeZero is also available on the iPad through a special configuration. With PC management software and a WiFi access point, customers of MaxSea Time Zero are now using the software on Apple iPads as a remote screen.

For this purpose, a suitable case has been designed for outdoor use. This case protects the iPad perfectly from shocks, and a flexible transparent polycarbonate shell makes it waterproof while keeping all touch screen properties.

This configuration allows you to work directly from your iPad on the deck of your boat while having MaxSea Time Zero installed on your PC inside. The connection between the two systems is completely wireless and enables you to access all software features, especially as the new generation software interface, user-friendly and practical, is particularly suited to the touch features of iPad.

For more information about this configuration, please contact us:

MaxSea International
Technopole Izarbel
64210 Bidart – FRANCE
Tel.: +33 559 43 81 00

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